Booster Club

Welcome to Lenox Crew

Congratulations! As a parent or guardian of a Crew Team member, YOU are now a Booster. Boosters support our youthful participants in many ways.

  • All boosters contribute food and beverages to regatta events and races as well as fundraising events if necessary.
  • Boosters also provide manpower or advice when called upon.

In addition, we need volunteers to lead in specific areas.

All of the following involve a close working relationship and communication with Coach Joan Schultz. If you are interested (and we know you are) in volunteering for one of these leadership roles, please contact Coach Schultz at

Website – Updates the Lenox Crew WordPress website with current information received from Joan Schultz


  • Comfort around computers and WordPress program helpful
  • Willingness to make mistakes and correct them – ideal!

Current leader- Jodi Cahillane with assistance from Paul Gamache. Need trainee to ultimately take over in Fall 2017

E-mail – Monitors team news and distributes email announcements accordingly.

  • List is set up and self-maintained through crew website and “opt-in” process
  • Updates and reviews the email distribution using Mailchimp
  • Comfort around MailChimp email program helpful

Current leader- Coach Schultz handles this with some assistance from Jodi Cahillane. Need trainee to provide backup by Fall 2017.

Food & Drink coordinator – Puts out the call for contributions and monitors that adequate supplies (as defined in previous years) are met.

  • Successful food lists exist
  • Works closely with the Email and Website volunteer
  • Works with the Fundraising Chair, getting team pizza at volunteer events or coordinating hors d’oeuvres for Silent Auction
  • Food & Drink is provided for 4 events in the fall and 2 to 3 events in the spring.
  • Does a quick follow up on the event day that reviews what was short, what was over-abundant and what staples were used up (i.e. plates, cups, napkins, hot chocolate mix, condiments, etc.)

Current leader- Claudia Cass – replacement needed for Fall 2018

Grill master – Oversees the Lenox Crew’s propane grill that travels to all-day events.

  • The Grill master either provides or delegates provision of a propane tank and grill cook for these events.
  • Grill master also cleans or ensures the cleaning of the grill after each event or at least, at the end of fall and spring seasons.

Current leader – Paul Gamache – replacement needed for Fall 2017

Fundraiser Chair – Ensures that elements are in-place and boosters are contributing to success of the following:

  • Fall Raffle: Lenox Crew sells raffle tickets for a kayak or paddleboard each fall. Equipment is provided at cost by Arcadian Shop, Lenox. Drawing is held at the teams Fall Banquet Dinner around November 1. Duties include – confirming adequate staffing if tickets are sold at area stores. Target fundraising goal: $1500
  • Banff dinner: Lenox Crew provides ala carte home-made food choices for patrons attending the Banff Film festival (sponsored by Arcadian Shop) around the second weekend of February (first Friday/Saturday school February break). Full team (fall and spring participants) are asked to donate food , drinks and/or time to set-up, serve and clean up on one or both- Friday and Saturday nights. Team and family can usually sit-in for part of the movie presentation. Target fundraising goal: $3000
  • Silent Auction & Wine/Beer Tasting: Every two years Lenox Crew has offered a wine & beer tasting with Nejaime’s Wine Cellars for supporters at area unique properties that include a silent auction of donated crafts, food, business gift certificates, vacation packages, sporting equipment and artwork. Fundraising Chair runs meetings to ensure logistics, maintains lists of donated items, and oversees the success of all aspects of event. Target fundraising goal: $7500

Silent Auction most recently lead by Jamie and Jodi Cahillane; Leader needed for Silent Auction & Wine/Beer Tasting in Spring 2017

Team Captain Sponsors – Adult liaisons who help Coach to oversee Captains & team members involvement in:

  • Community Service- Josh Billings Event – Consists of adult presence at 4 stages of race: 1) Interlaken Water station, 2) Launch Transition area at Boat Launch, 3) Iron and Tin Man transition at Camp Mahkenac , 4) Water craft assistance at Tanglewood beach.
  • Donated hours for fundraising events, eg. Auction ‘item’ like yard-clean-up or spring prep, or tabling for fundraisers or Josh Billings
  • Student Fundraisers – Shoe recycling and other projects as needed

Current leader is primarily Coach Joan Schultz. For Josh Billings, 1-water station was filled by other group, 2- Launch leader is Jamie Cahillane – replacement needed for Fall 2017; 3- Transition leader was Jodi Cahillane- replacement needed for Fall 2017; 4- Water craft removal leader was Chan Gibson – replacement needed for Fall 2017