For a small donation the Lenox Crew team will temporarily place a “flock” of 5 or up to 50 PINK FLAMINGOS in a friend’s yard.    

  • Small Flock (5 Flamingos) – $10 Donation
  • Medium Flock (10 Flamingos) – $15 Donation
  • Large Flock (15 Flamingos) – $20 Donation
  • Super Flock (30 Flamingos) – $30 Donation
  • SUPER SUPER FLOCK (50 Flamingos) – $50 Donation

Help support a great organization while having some fun with your friends and family. Flocking can also be a great way to mark a special day like a birthday or anniversary. Flocks fly off to new locations after 48 hours, or less with a phone call or a donation from the flockee that shoos them off to a new location.

How to Flock Someone:

Fill out our flocking order form, then give your form and donation check to a crew member or mail it to:
Attn: Joan Schultz
197 East St.
Lenox Ma. 01240
then relax in knowing that you just flocked someone special.

If you have any questions contact us at: flocking@lenoxcrew.com

In addition to the flock of flamingos and a sign declaring they’ve been flocked, the flockee will receive a note like this one explaining the strange arrival of their new pink visitors.

(these forms are in adobe PDF download the reader for free if you don’t have it)

(you can also download a word version of the order form here)    

Flocking Insurance:

With all the rampant flocking by the Lenox Crew team across Berkshire County you’d be crazy not to protect yourself. With a small donation of $10 to the Lenox Crew team you can protect your home in the Berkshires from the pink menace.