The Josh

Josh Billings– Sunday September 18

There are 5 places where rowers and a couple of parents will be stationed to help with the Josh. Volunteers get a free t-shirt.  Rowers may want a snack and a bottle of water.  While we do have pizza at the end of the day ($3 for all you can eat) it does not come until a little later around 1pm.  Also this Sunday may be cool. Make sure your rower has an extra layer and/or hat if it is cool, this may feel like our first fall day.  Many kids bring a backpack with extra clothes, snack, drink.  This is especially true for those working Mahkeenac where kids will wade into the water to receive boats so extra dry socks and pants may be nice.

1. Sat. 9/17 11:00am-3pm – The Arcadian Shop – Helping, selling Paddle Board raffle tickets, and promoting flocking. Team members signed up are: Teddy, Sam, Jake, Dominica, Megan, Anna, Kendal, and maybe Cooper.

Sun. 9/18 helping athletes at the event:
The Roads around Stockbridge Bowl will close at 10am! Pizza at the finish line is $3 for all you can eat. Best bring your athletes to Tanglewood to meet their group and then walk to their stations. We set up the table close to the finish line. Look for Coach Schultz there.

2. Stockbridge Bowl public boat launch 10am-1pm (5-7 kids and parent): Parent volunteer meets kids at the Tanglewood main gate around 9:30am to start walking to the boat launch at 9:45. Bikers start arriving at the launch around 10:30. The first stage of the Josh, which is bicycling, ends at the boat launch. Athletes will then be running for their boats and many will look for help RUNNING their boat to the water. 5-7 bigger stronger kids that can run with a boat would be helpful here. This map shows the transition procedure for athletes after biking (has nothing to do with us). Here is a map that shows the bike route. 
2016 volunteers:
Jamie Cahillane – Parent
Jake P

3. Camp Mahakeenac Beach 10:45-1pm (8-10 kids and parent): After rowing around the Stockbridge Bowl rowers will land at Camp Mahakeenac Beach for the running portion of the event. Crew members hold and take boats from 1 or 2 man teams and pass them down the shore where 2-6 kids will lift them onto the beach for the owners to pick up later. Water shoes and shorts are a good idea. Meet at Tanglewood Crew table by 9:45-10am to walk down. Here is a map that shows the route runners will take to finish the race.
2016 volunteers:
Jodi Cahillane – Parent
Sophia C
Sophia S

4. Tanglewood beach 10:45-1pm (8-10 kids and parent): Boats get rowed from the Camp Mahakeenac Beach to the Tanglewood beach for removal back to cars parked at Tanglewood. Athletes will need help moving their boats, possibly all the way back to their cars which is about a 5 minute walk. So again some of the bigger stronger kids with sneakers would be appreciated here.
2016 Volunteers: Channing Gibson – Parent
Sam J
Teddy M
Sam L
Jake L
Robin L
Jordan O

5. Tanglewood finish line: – Promoting flocking, selling Kayak raffle tickets, and eating pizza ($3 for all you can eat). After each group is finished at their site they can walk back to the parking lot near the front gate area of Tanglewood where the team will meet up for some pizza and selling raffle tickets and flocking. It is probably best to park at Tanglewood and walk to your volunteer areas since the roads will be very busy with some road closures between 10-2 and there won’t be much parking at any of the volunteer sites. Kids should bring water/snack and proper clothing for the weather.

Our contribution is greatly appreciated by the organizers and participants of the Josh. In 2012 this letter was sent to the organizer of the Josh:

Hi Patty,

Shaun’s Ironman went great. My Ironman Helper experience was wonderful. You have an army of helpful, happy volunteers. The signs were clear, they answered any questions, and kept things moving. I was REALLY impressed with the teenagers at the Tanglewood Beach. Honestly, without their help, I would not want to deal with the boat up to the parking lot or being the “Helper”. The kids went above and beyond….”Can we help with your boat?” They grabbed the boat and off they went. They even helped me put it on the car, with a smile and good chatter. One was named Jake (he introduced himself and shook my hand).

Thanks to you and your Army of Volunteers. You command a great group. The Josh rolls smooth, start to finish. You have got it all covered. We’ll do it again next year !

All the best, Christine


Below is a video from the Josh website that will give you a better idea of what the race is like.