2016 Fall Season

The race schedule for the fall is now set at this point. Scroll down to see dates and locations.

Fall races, or Regattas, are usually all day affairs and the team usually coordinates food for everyone in attendance. Please make sure you have signed up on our email list since that is the primary form of communication.  As the season progresses the weather gets colder, please make sure rowers come to regattas prepared for the day’s weather.  Wet clothes outside in late October can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

Athletes must register with US Rowing once per calendar year.

To register and sign a waiver go to:

Scroll down and Click the Individuals members menu ‘Join and Renew’. Then under individuals click on the menu option ‘Sign a Waiver’. If you have registered before, login with your member number and password. If you don’t remember your member number OR ARE NEW, click the option to reset or register.  Organization is: Lenox Crew and you’ll need the CLUB/TEAM ACCESS CODE: TKKM6, to set up a new basic membership or retrieve your member number.

New Members: Choose Basic Membership. New this year is an “administrative fee”. (We will discuss reimbursal of this fee at the next Booster Club meeting – scheduled for Wed. October 12 at 6 p.m. Please plan to attend.)  The fee is payable with a credit card online and is $5.75.  We haven’t figured out a way around this administrative fee. Booster club may reimburse families for this annoyance.  Come to the Booster club meeting and discuss! Please send an email if you have difficulty to ‘

Athletes must also register at Ronin Racing.

To Register go to:!services2/c1ehx

  1. Click the “Sign a Waiver” Button.
  2. Select Either Junior Male or Female
  3. On the first page enter your rowers information
  4. On second page select “Lenox High Crew” from the drop down, Enter Joan’s email of “”, and enter a coaches name of “Joan Schultz”
    (For correspondence please use her school email address of: “”)
  5. On third page enter parent/guardian info
  6. On final page read and agree to registration terms
  7. you are done.

You can contact with questions.

As more information becomes available it will be posted.

Sat. 10/22 – Sun. 10/23 Head of CharlesBoston: Directions (Once they’re up) If we have a boat that can compete.TBA

Date Race Location Leave Bus / Car Pool
Sun 9/18 Josh Billings (not a race) Stockbridge bowl
Sun 9/24 Paper City-Holyoke Holyoke 6:30 a.m. Bus
Sun. 10/2 Spartan Sweeps Scotia NY 6:00 a.m. Bus
Sun. 10/9 S. New England Jr. Regional Championships Worcester MA 6:30 a.m. Bus
Sun. 10/16 Mass. State Championship Worcester MA 6:00 a.m. Bus
Sun 10/30 The Fish Saratoga NY TBA Bus


Practice Information

What to bring to the water.

Sun screen
Warm change of clothes for after
Water shoes
Extra Socks (wool)
Neoprene Booties (sold at the Arcadian Shop tell them Lenox Crew sent you)
Wool, fleece, and spandex are all good because they can still help when wet.

Rowers should also wear spandex shorts (warm weather) or pants (cold) when rowing. Baggy shorts and untucked t-shirts can get caught in rollers that the seats slide on. Also the tracks that the seats roll on can have grease on them so you might want rowers to sit on something in your car to prevent grease stains.

Cotton clothing acts like a sponge and holds the cold water very well. It is very good at keeping you cold and wet.
Spring is the key time of year when booties are a good idea because the water will be cold at the start of the season. Having warm dry clothes for after practice is also a good idea.

Where is Kripalu Beach:

The beach is located on Route 183 (Interlaken Rd.). Heading south from Lenox go past Tanglewood and the main entrance to Kripalu. The Beach entrance is on the left just before the entrance to BCD, it is before the public boat launch. The entrance is a dirt road and there is a large mound (new Kripalu septic system) and a field next to the dirt road. If you pull in the dirt road and park just before the gate, you can walk down to the beach from there. Most practices are held at the beach and it helps if you can arrange to carpool with other parents from the team. Athletes will need a ride to the beach from school and home once practice is over. When we are loading and unloading boats then we will often meet at the public boat launch.


First gathering is Thursday September 1 at the Stockbridge public boat launch to unload the trailer. Friday September 2 is the swim test at Kripalu beach (map and directions at bottom of page).


First full practice is Tuesday September 6 from 3:15 p.m. – 5 p.m. Rowers should come dressed to row, spandex shorts are preferred since gym shorts can get caught in the rollers. Water shoes can be good for getting in and out of the water, but rowers row barefoot. A change of clothes and a towel can be handy if a rower falls in and for after the swim test. Also rowers can get grease from the rollers on their shorts and shirts so a towel to sit on in the car can prevent grease stains.