Paper City Regatta

Saturday September 24 – Bus 6:30 a.m.

This event is at the Holyoke Rows boat house which is a nice facility with bathrooms.  This regatta is usually small and only lasts through the morning.  It’s also a fun place as a parent to actually watch how a regatta works (and see/photograph rowers in action).  Carpool with other parents as the parking is tight.  Reminder the bus LEAVES at the time announced. Plan to arrive at LMMHS parking lot 10 or 15 minutes EARLY.

Morning Food is needed: The team will need light breakfast foods for the bus – cereal bars, fruit: bananas, apples or cut oranges; juice, waters, maybe bagels –some with cream cheese, some without.  Check with your rower. Will they need to eat before rowing?  How much or how little? Experience says a little something helps with energy but too much upsets the nervous stomach.

For food at the race, a mid morning snack would be great: cheese, crackers, healthy muffins, more cereal bars, easy-to-eat fruit and other healthy snacks.

Drinks can be gatorades, waters (get small ones, please or large dispensers and we’ll have cups to reduce waste). If the temperature is predicted to be cold, we can arrange for hot water and have hot chocolate. 

Please sign up with what you can bring below. Bus food should be brought to the bus. If you won’t be getting to the regatta early, race food can be brought to the bus, too.

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Make sure to check weather for Holyoke so you come prepared with proper clothing and/or sunscreen.


For an address to enter in GPS you can use:
12 Jones Ferry Rd. Holyoke MA 01040
Directions to this event at Jones Ferry can be found on the Holyoke Rows website.
You can also use Google Maps or the map below:

Center map