Spartan Sweeps

Date 10/2/16- Bus Leaves 6 a.m.

This race will be just about a full day with the bus leaving around 6 am, cox meeting at 8 and racing starting right afterwards. We are at Jumpin Jacks Drive-in again, on 5 Schonowee Ave in Scotia.  Travel time is a little over an hour if all goes well, parking is in Collins Park across the street.  There might be a charge for parking although the web site says no.  Directions can be found on the map below or at this link to Google maps

For this race we will have the grill and the makings for burgers.  If anyone wants to bring things for the grill, feel free.  Make sure to check the weather.   The 10-day forecast says 60% showers for Sunday. Dress appropriately! We have a tent and tables to set up.  Encourage your crew athlete to put dry clothes in a large garbage bag inside the gym bag so they stay dry.  Food sign up is below (at the very bottom of the page is the list of food that was brought last year for reference and ideas).  

Food at races is for rowers and families (we number about 45 total). Please email if you need a better understanding of the set-up.  In crew it is very important to come prepared for the weather!  We can go from sunscreen to mittens, better to have an extra layer you don’t need than to be cold and wet.

We will have the camp stove for heating things like soups. Please bring soup somewhat warm so reheating doesn’t take much fuel. 


Center map

Please sign up with what you can bring below. Bus food should be brought to the bus. If you won’t be getting to the regatta early, race food can be brought to the bus, too.  NO NUTS in BUS FOOD PLEASE. A teammate has a severe nut allergy.

 Food for the REGATTA that has nuts should be labeled as such and kept sealed until waterside.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

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Food list from previous races for reference and ideas:
sliced bagels with plain cream cheese
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
Grill, Burgers, Cheese, Buns, Condiments
Bagels and Grapes
Banana Bread
Granola bars 
goldfish crackers
crackers and cheese
Veggie Soup
chocolate chip cookie bars
ham and swiss sandwiches
baked ziti
rolls and cheese for burgers
Hot dogs and buns
regular and red pepper hummus
Smartfood Popcorn
chips and dip
Iced teas
1 gallon water jug to refill bottles and for hot cocoa (+hot cocoa)
small bottles of water