The Fish

Sunday October 30th
Parking $15
Bus Leaves 5 a.m.

Here is a link to the Saratoga Rowing Association website with many details about the race, including maps of the trailer areas. This is a very large race and tends to be a full day please come prepared.

Register for the Live Stream from Head of the Fish via our webpage

The bus will leave the school parking lot on Sunday Oct. 30 promptly so be there 15 min. early. Anyone not there on time will be left behind.  For those driving there is a $15 parking fee.

It is very important to keep an eye on the weather for the fish and to come prepared.  The last couple of years haven’t been bad, but we have had some years where it is very cold and wet, to the point that some participants on other teams got hypothermia.  Have plenty of extra dry warm clothes (wool socks), boots, and rain gear. In the event of rain to prevent your spare clothes from getting soaked consider packing them in a trash bag inside your travel bag.  This goes for parents as well as participants!

Directions: The race area is in Lee’s Trailer park in Saratoga Springs NY, check this Google map for directions.

Team members going to Saratoga on Saturday:

  1. Those arriving on Saturday should meet up at the trailer at 2:30 pm to rig the 8. Coach Schultz will attempt to park the trailer in the same location as previous years, on the campground road that runs parallel to the water-side road (where team food tents are set up). Look for the ‘Pumpkin’ truck and your team mates. Parents – parking can be far away and pricey. Once you enter the park, drop-offs will not be allowed; you must pay and park in designated areas. We suggest carpools to drop team members at the campground entrance and parents park in the adjacent lots just down the road for $10. Then walk to the trailer area so you can help set up the tent Saturday afternoon for our early start on Sunday.  Local law enforcement will be ticketing spectators who park on the other side of the bridge on the road and sidestreets of nearby neighborhoods. 
  2. Many team members spend Saturday night in Saratoga and meet for dinner. Dinner is at Circus at 5 p.m. Fixed price $20 each payable to Joan Schultz by Friday, Oct. 28. Please email how many you will be to: for the Saratoga pre-regatta dinner.
  3. Sunday morning – ALL COXSWAINs need to be at coxswains’ meeting at 6:45 A.M.  Plus all members of the boys’ 8 should be there by then. Launch time is shortly after 7 a.m.  It will still be pretty dark out until launch. Headlamps or phone ‘torchlights’ will be useful!
  4. Remaining team members may plan to arrive NO LATER than 9 a.m. Your assistance with all the boats is needed.

Parents- Please sign up for food. Food Sign up:

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Below is a list of the food brought last year (for ideas):
Bus:bagels & cream cheese
Orange juice

At the water:
hot egg sandwiches (3 dozen -this is always popular at the Fish)
camp stove
Minestrone Soup
Corn Chowder
Grill, Burgers, Cheese, Buns, Condiments
Hot Dogs
snack chips
fruit- apples & bananas
hot cocoa mix
Cereal Bars
cider donuts
chocolate chip pumpkin muffin
apples and peanut butter
Chips and pretzels
Crackers and Cheese

vitamin water
Apple cider
Iced Tea


This picture was obviously not taken at the fish … because the water is not high enough.
Hat, gloves, jacket, rain poncho, rubber boots … this must be the Fish.